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The course is for all couples intending to marry. It is presented in a relaxed style and hopefully will serve as a "time-out" day for both to concentrate on their future together.

Course dates for 2011 are as follows
26th February 2011
21st May 2011
1st October 2011
All courses are held in the Newpark Hotel Kilkenny and commence at 10.00 a.m.
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Contents of the workshops include:


Basic feelings of Love, Trust, Hurt, Anger, etc. How to deal with Talking/Listening.


Appreciating differences as much as what we have in common.


How each gender approaches their own sexuality. Attitudes to sex.

Family Planning:

General talk on Methods and Fertility Awareness.

"Money and Us"

Ideas on Sharing/Budget Exercise/Attitude to Money.


"I to Us" ...Personal responsibilities and feelings. Managing Anger stress and conflict.

"God and Us"

The Meaning of True Love! Believing and Thanking God for each other.

The facilitators are trained married people, who through their own experience and training hope to enable you, the couple, to reflect and gain insight on your future situation. The Course is not about "Do and Don't but about blending the positive and negative of all aspects of marriage.

If you would like more information on Course dates and content please contact the Secretary

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