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COMAC is run by the Mothers' Union in the United Dioceses of Cashel and Ossory.

The Mothers' Union is a world wide Anglican led organisation whose purpose is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

Members bring along a wide variety of practical help and support to the Church and the community. As one of these practical projects Marriage Awareness/Preparation Courses are now available in Cashel Ossory and Ferns.

If you contemplate marriage shortly, this website is for you...please read on.

From the Bishop:
In a society which offers to individuals the possibility of entering into a wide variety of relationships, committed and less so, marriage remains distinctive for a variety of reasons. It involves vows that are life-long in their intention and which emphasise that the partners are determined to stay and grow together, "for better, for worse". It is a mutual commitment with public significance, in so far as the family based on marriage remains a vital building block of the society of which we are part. It offers an optimum context for the care and nurturing of children.

For all the joy that rightly surrounds a wedding day, there is something hugely solemn about marriage vows and their long-term consequences. It is no accident that the vast majority of people still choose to make their vows in church and to seek God's blessing upon their intentions.

As you prepare for your wedding day and relish the mutual love which can never be adequately described in words, this website, should be of interest. It gives a structured and imaginative opportunity to think hard and prayerfully about what you plan to do together, and it reminds all of us who are married that our skills in mutual communicaiton are always capable of enrichment. I gratefully commend the work of COMAC to all who are planning marriage in our diocese and I wish you every happiness as you prepare for one of the greatest days of your life.

Michael Cashel and Ossory